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The Bar Seifu club

The client requested to use the special ceramic tile,so we tried to use the tile in various way.

Making use of the high -ceiled space,we didn't install the ceiling board. Originally,this building has arched ceiling structure. We had a image of moving up to sky forever.

 We covered the wall and arched ceiling with the special tile which  size is 1㎝×4㎝. And we embed the joint with mortar.

We wanted to express "floating feeling"strongly that the bar has. For that we light up the transparency of liquors bottles & glasses from the bottom.

When the cusotmer sit by the counter,they follow with eyes the tiles of wall. They feel the arched wall is nodding to its fall. If the customer follow with eyes the tiles from the wall to ceiling, the tiles fade away to ceiling.  The luminaries which hung from the ceiling  seems like two balls overlap each other. We asked to a glass artist to make with small pieces of broken glasses.


  The space and the detail they've never seen before, they experievce the universe of darkness, 

they realize  their own existance.   Drinking and taking a look at oneself again...

  That's the Bar we thought.


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