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Coporate vision Architecture for others to connect people.

                         We respect cherishing people and value

                         communication with other people.

                         We trust in God .



Company PROFILE      RyujiKoyama Architects inc.


1992 started  Ryuji Koyama Architects and associates 

2015 became incorporated Company





  Ryuji Koyama PROFILE


   0          1963  S.38      born in Hyogo pref.Japan

  10          1973  S.48     intended to become an architect

  18          1981  S.56   graduated Toyookajitsugyo prefectural high school of 


  22          1985  S.60     resigned from the construction company and started to travel 

                                      to study architecture in Europe          

  23          1986  S.61     designed & supervision of THe House of Kuto

                                      entered the Architect Company "Mu ko-bo"

  29   1992  H.4       started Ryuji Koyama Architects & Associates (private co.)

  52          2015  H.27     worked with more than 95 projects by now 

                                      started Ryuji Koyama Architects inc. (incorporated co.)



   Produce original furniture &  luminaire designed by 

   Ryuji Koyama .

   Deal in some products of Artist collaboration & the fabric

   of PASYA & other products of Good Companies.




​ Ryuji Koyama Architects inc. 


since 1992  Kyoto seika Univ. Osaka Univ. of Art. Osaka industrial technology school. Mie National Univ. Ritsumeikan Univ.

After2004~present time; teaches Urban and Environmental Engineering at Kansai a part-time lecture .


REFERENCES  The Works on magazines    

1994.12  Shinkenchiku / RH-1          

1997.06  Shinkenchiku /The house of Sekime      

1998.05  Shinkenchiku /The house of Shinjo     

2000.02  Shikenchiku  /The Spiral House     

2000.02  Kenchikubunka/ The spiral House         2001.12   Shinkenchiku/ The House of Louver      

2001.08  Shinkenchiku /colum "What we could done by lease  leaseback"

2003.02  Kenchikubunka/ THe Plug House     

2006.03 Shinkenchiku /The Hose of Kurokabe   

2006.10 Italian magazine CASA /The House of Kurokabe        

2010.01   CONFORT /The House of Kurokabe & sara-sojyu

The thing we cherish

 We are conscious of showing the truth of architecture . When the architecture which is well planed and is off architect's hands, it begins to tell the truth of the object through its figure & space.

 In other words,designing the architecture is to build a thing which has an answer of various problems of the architecture.

We think the completed works have to convey  the share ideas with client as an "experience" & "environment".

 And if they grasp the client necessity & the times,they are reminiscent of future generation and becoms completely novel design.

 The proffesional ability of architect is to extract the hidden conditions as much as possible and organize them.

From this reason we make a special effort to communicate with customers.

 As if music echo trough our head, the architecture has its own atmosphere which impact on people.  For example, if we enter a church, we feel like joining our hands in prayer. We think this special atmosphere is  "the space", and "the power of architecture".

   "Architecture " is different from building.  Not only necessary volume or beutiful wallpaper ,but we also have to create "the environment" which has the atmosphere according to its purpose.


   Architecture is changed with the times. Conventional architecture express the client idea & individuality.

But if the architecture is for people, architecture should be a medium which connect people. Connection with families , people of the area, with town, with nature and so on.... We should build the space which can be shared with people there.

That means we should plan the architecture  for supporting people's life purpose.

   About Renovation 

 Now is the times to save the used real estate rather than advocating new construction. That is the renovation.

Renovation is to draw on our wisdom accumulated in the past many years, and extract value from the property. It is simply inherit & manage the property carefully.

This is the important  educational theme for next gegration,too.

When we consider about renovation, we have to think the value of used real estate, same as new construction.

 We think our vision & plan will be necessary to fullfill requirements of client's wish.

Without preconceived idea ,we wish to build the meaningful architectures which create the connection of people .

 For that we value opportunities for customer communication.


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