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We asked the relation between frame of building and surface of building on this

 architecture.   We thought about this from interpritation of the "Guest House".

       Putting owner's request in order,

 (1)OMOTENASHI  Floor(want to show their hospitality and culture and Life education. )  (2)Open space floor for communing with friends and Art Gallery space (display their art  works)

 (3)PRIVATE floor


The building site rise 13meters toward inside from frontal road. So we planed 3 different structutural type for each floor.  Therefore each floor has specific property.


Basement floor

The building foundation is constructed with reinforced concrete and is along the approach to  the building.   Using the prestressed structure, the basement garage's roof is 14meters width and 1span. There's a gallary in the rear of the garage.

Ground floor

We focused on the connection with outside ,so we built one large flat floor which includes the hall, living-room,and outside terrace. The steel framed structure of 1st floor made it possible.

To keep the comfortable livability of private area,we located the bed-rooms and wet area on the basement garage's roof. That means the garage's roof is used as the floor of ground floor,too.

1st floor

The 1st floor which is the top of building was built of ironburghwood from Australia. The wood was used for a warehouse 100years ago. (means recycled wood)

This wood is very hard and strong ,therefore the 1st floor is built with framework structure.  We could reduce the walls part and that gives a tense atmosphere to the space.

  We used the same details for walls & roofs and covered the frameworks to keep the spaciousness of the terrace which is open to the sea view.


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