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The House of Sekime

This house was built for three generational households.

The building site is very special shape like a placard. The frontage of the site is only 2

meters and 20meters in depth. This site is along Route 1 and nearby  Sekime

intersection.  There is a guide plate about this area. In the past, this area was called "FOREST PATHS".  WE could imagine the forest scene in the past .

But today, many buildings are stand in a row as thickly housed area.


  Considering the possibility & economic effects of this site,the parents of 2 daughters

wish to live with their families.They prefer to protect the parent-daughters interaction

rather than to keep succession of Family name. We could see the contemporary popularity

through this project.

  We integrated the function & effect of light,kitchin and entrance hall for comunication between an individual & family, family & family, and family & urban.

 The approach of ramp keeps the distance between family & urban. There are 3houses in this building.

There is a movable wall at the end of entrance hall. If you move the movable wall,you will be guided to each house.

 We locatted each house's dining-room around the 2F kitchen.  The 1st dining-room is on

the south . The 2nd dining-room is on the north. The 3rd dining-room is in the kitchen.

The kitchen has 2set coocking stands. 3 families uses the kitchen in common.

 For some part of outside wall, we used the crimp glasses and frosted glasses to take in sunlight into the building.  We call the glasses wall "Hikarikabe".    It's formed by reduplication of crimp glasses & frosted glasses. And it has effect to connect each familie's space and to connect the space between 1st floor & 2nd floor,2nd floor & 3rd floor,the north part & the south part,and each area & each families area.

 The light passing through "Hikarikabe"is gentle and protective, and it shows soft shadows on different occasions. That creates space effect of "time revelation."








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