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The House of Toyod

  There is a shop on the west side of this house. Client wantted to rebuild a residence part only.   

On the ground floor, we located a garage,and installed a stairway to 2nd floor entrance hall. So, client can go inside directly from the frontal road.

  The reason to rebuild the house is the change of their lifestyle.  Their children became independent from them.

  The client wanted to change the room plan for two. They need spacious & comfortable private area and open space for their children & children's family who lives in the neighborhood.

  So we suggested that the house should be the symbolic & attractive figure in this residence district.

  We increased the hight of ceiling in living room,and installed a large shoji screen on the south window. That impressed the vertical line from 1st floor trough 3rd floor. That means the aperture of the symbolic shape roof provides feeling of unity in impression of this house.

  And the gentle light trough the shoji screen makes the space filled with tenderness.

This space will give them the peace of mind, and even they live separately,the space will make them one.
 We also expect that even the visitors feel a sense of affinity as if they are their family.

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