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  The house of Kamikosaka

The site of building strides over the city planning road.
  The client has been here for generations. Elderly couple & young couple live together at  this

house. Since the young couple had a baby,they started to plan tow-family home.

  Some part of this site will be a road in the future.(even the plan has never advanced at all since 15 years ago .)

  For this reason, the client asked us the way to observe the Building Stanndard Act

for building the house which is striding over the city planning road.

  So we planned the architectural planning & design which correspond to cleavable house. 

First of all, we made clear the boundary line of the city road.  And then we started to plan the

specific design for saving site & giving up site. That means after cleaving the house,their

lifves should be saved. 

  So we prioritized the space of the house. From point of this vew,the child's room & master bed-room are necessary. As a result of  considering about 2F living room & stairwell part, we need to manage the structure of the house.

  At the top of building ,we installed the large steel beam and hang the 3F floor from the beam. This method could save the structural type of the building even after cleaving.

  Actually,after 20years since  we wrote this article,this house stands as it is. 

  As a result of the specific design, this house has maximun space for each room and has a rich

spiritual space.

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