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The House of Shinjo

  We wanted to break The "standard" or "common sense" which is very vague.

So we put emphasis on necessity ,and regenerate & construct the "client's unit".

That means the general hierarchy is meaningless and only the necessity forms the architecture.

  The LDK which is the center of the plan exclude unnecessary things for mental & physical metabolism.

  This building plan is 2LDK ➕a hall  of 760㎡.

The scale deviate from the standard scale ,and the client has a theme . The theme is "The house like a warehouse".   We accept this as her own lifestyle and thohght the house as a vessl  which can nurture her own taste of life.

  The house must be  a strong architecture that can accept  anything ,like people & their taste,etc.    And the external environment is very nature-rich.

So we advanced the design work to show the boundary between internal & external,

or environment & humans.  From the functional necessity & the effect of the building form, we decided the building materials.

   The interior design of the house has not completed. Because the client will complete it. The client will show her own lifestyle & lived-in feel in her architecture.

We hope to support her original lifestyle will match with the house.

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