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The House of Satsukiyama

The building site is remnant at the foot of a mountain and is 793㎡.

The degree of a slope is 30 and is almost the limit of regulation. When I saw this site at the first time, I wondered if ican built ahouse on this site.

  But the client had been looking for the site such as this one and finally he found it.
Indeed, the site has a fine view and the left side of the site is surrounded by mountain moderately.

  My suggestion is ....

⑴The site is at the end of the approach which is inclines toward to the site.

⑵After the approach,locate the entrance hall & LDK because of the best view level.
⑶Then locate the private space at lower level.

It's opposite structure of normal house structure.


  From this plan,the LDK is quite large & open and the form of this house becomes inverted convex type.

  Structurally,under the LDK substructure is RC structure and on that we put on the wooden structure.
  As a result, we can feel clearly the differnce of atmosphere between LDK & Private area.

This house is built on a steep slope with nice view and has both solid comfort and spaciousness.

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