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The House of sanpachi st.

  This plan had started for a client who lost his hardware store-cum-residende because of Great Hanshin Erthquake.


  We located the store on the 1st floor, and warehouse & the residence entrance hall on the 2nd floor. Avobe the 3rd flor, we located the private area.

  There is a stairway to 2nd floor entrance hall from the frontal road . And from the 2nd floor client can go up to 3rd floor LDK by stair.

  To take in the sunlight into the whole building , we used corrugated plate glass. This glass gives the sense of unity of building.  Even though it's a 5 story building, you can feel the same impression on any floor.

  And the site is narrow site which is in the shopping arcade,we try to make it look wider inside the building.

  On the 5th floor, in spite of the space is narrow, we put the Japanese Room which looks like sticking out from the roof. That makes the room look wider  and  makes the sense of space.




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