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The building site is located on the opposite shore of OSAKA CHUO OROSIURUI ICHIBA.(Osaka central wholesale market)

There was a Tomishima customs house in the past. (since 1867~1920)  This area is industrial area and also very historical area. You can see many historical architectures around this area.

 Since 5years ago,this area has been utilized for event site.

This time ,the project is not only temporary but continuous one. Osaka city has a plan to lease this site to Private business Operator  for local revitalization.

 One of the private company is selcted. This private company has a wish to send fresh fish to the dining table. So,the company visited various Fishing Ports to findout the suitable Fishery Household.  As a result, the company lucked out a Fishery Household and they tied up .

 Their demands are to sell fresh fishes  directly from Fishing Ports and put the fish into  fish preserve. And around the fish preserve ,they planed to install outdoor barbecue restaurant.


 And their request to our company was 

  (1)To make an extraordinary environment which can't be enjoyed  at any other place.

  (2)The architecture which produce the amusement outdoor restaurant.

  (3)Because of the architecture is there,guests want to eat at that place.

To meet these demands,we reached a conclusion. That was a "Wharf".

The Wharf is the place which is related with port & waterfront and necssary for ships depart & arrive.  It is also used as daramatic scene in afilm. With these image,we built the Wharf 4m width × 100m length. Instead of ship,various events & pepole depart & arrive.


We hope people recognize the device. Fortunately ,since openning,the restaurant is full of life.

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