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Shichirin Ikeda branch

 This building is the 1st Shichirin and  made me think about various things.

First of all,I have had an offer from the client to get the building site.

  Normally the site of suburban type store is along with the new main road and the adjoining land is farm. 

  And a real estate agent or a house maker forestall to get the land with archirectual condition.

  This site is also the site of D House with architectural condition.

The condition is to build the building with D house. But D house can build only the structure.

The client have to find another house builder for interior.

  But actually, the client want to build the whole building by one house builder.

Because they need to show their motto of service trough the building aspect.

  So we took action to D house to decline the construction.

  The client had a clear vision of the restaurant. He thougt the yakiniku restaurant should serve only nice meat and kimuchi and rice.  So I  suggested to build the building very siply.

I suggested a plan to exclude the interior decoration as possible.
I tryed to build them only using the essential structure & infrastructure equipment.

  We used 2kinds of wooden structure material  and frosted wave shaped glass for daylighting. We managed to locate the opening between the structural column .

Therefore the prosperity and energy of the restaurant comes out trhough the opening, and I wish that the prosperity & energy of the restaurant attract the customer.


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