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D Residence of sakae machi

(More than 30years old condominium apartmet.)

We rinovated it on 2million yen.

And it was sold out immediately

for 9million yen.


Asagiri Residence(25years old condominium apartment)

This house is renovated for a family to live with 99years old mothetr. The budget was 9million

yen. Done within budget.


N Residennce of Kobe

(25yers old condominium apartment)

We rinovated the residence suited to owner's lifestyle.

By owner's request,we choosed

Aji Stone(special stone)  and KARACHO's Japanese Paper for entrance hall wall.



I Residence of Kobe(15 years old condominium apartment)

To fullfill the wish to innovate owner's past lifestyle, we recommended the whole house renovation as a single house.

  We also changed the wet area location like kitchen,bathroom,and toilet,etc.

As a result,the house becomes open & comforatable.

 Every family member wants to gather in the living-room,spontaneously.


U Residence of Rokko(35years old condominium apartment)

  This house was renovated for newly-married couple.

 Installing the wooden built-in furniture and partitions,the house becomes open ,comfortable,

warm and stylish.

The cost was  less than 20milion yen.

It's much better than buying new but badly-planned house.


K Residence of Kobe(13 years old condominium apartment)

The lifistyle of owner's was changed.

So we changed the room plan from 4LDK to 2LDK.

 Altough the master's study is a part of living-room,is partitioned with built-in furniture moderately.


Yodogawa Bible forum Yodogawa Bible Church.

 The building was originally printing factory. We converted it to a church.

  There is a open space whichi can hold the art exibision behind the entrance hall.

   And at the back of open space,

there's a place of worship.

The cost was 10million yen.

K Residence of Maiko(35 years old

condominium apartment)

 The client loves his surroundigs very much. He does't wnt to leave this area,so he decided to renovate this residence.

So we changed the house plan according to his lifestyle.

  Even the location of toilet is changed .We also contrived the storage part & try to generate the spacious room.

M Residence in Kobe(14years old condominium)

The owner decided  to renovate for her mother who needs the caring.

So we applied the Barrier free floor design. Using polyvinyl-chloride tile, and colored uniformly white.

 As aresult the house design becomes

cool and spacious.



Osaka OAP Residence Tower S Residence

Changed a bedroom to a diningroom.

As a result ,the vew from a corridor becomes open and bright.

Changed the wallpaper & the carpet,too.

The slide door of diningroom is specially designed for the owner.

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