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The House of Louver

This house is typical urban house whichi site is a flagstaff shape and surrounded by neighboring house. The client couple both work and have a child of primary school.

  The client has anxiety about child's helth and wants to take care of sick-house symdrome.

We considered to realize the house whichi can take care of the mental & physical health.

As a result,not only examining the materials & finishing materials, but to take in the merit of Japanese House.  That means we put emphasis on air permeability and spaciousness ,and also the ways to spend time of this family.

  On the ground level, we installed the earth floor and surrounded by wooden louver.

The louver saves the privacy &security and can take in outside air. That makes possible to open the inside entrance door & other doors.

  The most important difference between the typical urban house is ,this house has no court.

Because of the louver  the family public space is opend to outside. Behind the louver,they can feel the confortableness of door opening.

  To build the house is like a puzzle which replace the client request with space volume.

We have to create the things not only satisfying the conditions, but create aesthetic values. 

And we will provide unexpected joys to the client family.

  This house shows the new type of urban house  which we can feel the sunlight and pleasant wind  through this house.

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