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The House of Kurokabe

This house has a basement garage and is two storied house.

The building site was devloped 40years ago, and is in tiers. So this residental area is old town. Many houses are waiting to be renovated , I guess...

  There is a moderate slope and a difference in level between the site and frontal road.

So we built an open garage without door.

The point we payed attention is ...

⑴to devide the site for earth floor & wooden floor.

⑵to based on the borderless plan and to take the adjacent secenery into the house.

⑶to reduce the fence and to widely open the field of vision to the outside.

 The client can feel the site of this whole town,and feel that they live in some part of

this old town.

  The plan shows the borderless relationship with outside.

  And this house spans outside & inside.


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