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Shichiriin Ibaragi branch

 THis shop is the 5th shop of charcoal-grilled yakinoiku restaurant in the suburbs.

  I  had a plan for these yakiniku restaurant to exclude the interior decoration as possible.

I wanted to build them only using the essential structure & infrastructure equipment.

In other words,I wanted to harmonize the design property & building structure to create the architectual space which has only the essential structure design witohut superficial design.

  In dietary culture,"yakiniku" doesn't choose the environment of eating.

  When we hear the words "yakiniku",we image the place like seaside,riverside,or a campsaite in the mountain.And also the cusine can be cooked with easily & quickly cooking method for a large number of people. Therefore properly speaking, we don't need a building for yakiniku.

But if we concider about the yakiniku restaurant, we have to build the building. To resolve the contradictions is the act of architecture.

  I resolved the contradictions from the point of vew  "people can live more simply".

That is the "harmonizing of the design property & building structure."

  I planed to join a  steel structure building & a wooden building. This construction method create the composed space.

  The steel structure building is high-ceiled and has only the smoke discharging duct and shichirin roaster. And the wooden building is for tatami rooms which can see through the wooden framework.

  On the aisle between these two buildings we built a frosted glass screen which project the westwering sun as a sheet artificial lighting. That merges the two different building and the space became a pleasant alley space.

  This aisle is only one interior design property which we hid in this architecture.

  The site is 1 step higher than frontal main road and 1 step lower than beautiful walk along the river at the back.

   This building can be seen from various viewpoints, and the structure of the building is shown.  From that I wish to rouse the image of having "Yummy Yakiniku"!!



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